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03 | Processing

How about a lateral feed rate?

As the spindle speed differs according to a work material, there is a difference about a lateral feed rate. In the case of hard and brittle materials, 0.1-0.5µm is recommended. Harder the work material slower the spindle speed, and lateral feed rate is made smaller.

High-speed spindle is required?

In case of work material with hard and brittle material, it is sufficient with that of 10,000 min-1 or so. As there is no need to worry about the discharge of chips, it may possible to operate with a higher rotation according to a performance of machine, but it may need to pay attention to the sliding phenomenon at the cutting point according to a work material.

How to improve the surface roughness?

Wet working can improve the surface roughness. However, in the case of machining condition where the problem may happen about the discharge of chips, the use of preferentially of mist working will eventually increase the surface roughness.

Can we use the oily cutting fluid to the single crystal diamond tools?

There is no problem with the oily cutting fluid. Generally speaking, by using the oily or aqueous cutting fluid, the surface roughness improves and the raise of temperature is controlled.

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