Accu ball

The cutting edge of Accu ball is formed up to 90°position from the circular arc top in case of radius size 20 μm and over, while it is up to 75° position in case of radius size less than 20 μm.

The effective length can be set in case of radius size of 20 μm and over.

Application Work materials
Mold for PES lens, HUD, Aspherical lens, Lens array, Micro needle, etc. NiP-plated, Hard and brittle materials, Nonferrous metals, Plastics, etc.
Standard specification (mm)
Radius Window angle Cutting edge length Effective length Shank
0.01 ≦ R ≦ 0.02 75° φ6 × 50
0.02 ≦ R ≦ 3.0 90° Eaqual to radius Depending on radius

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